“What you cannot know in your own body you can know nowhere else.” –UPANISHADS

A session may include any of the following to assist mind/body/spirit integration.   
~The Homeopathy of Bodywork~ a neuro-muscular re-education system.
Cranial Sacral
~Biodynamic Energy Medicine~ activates our innate healing mechanism.
Resolution Of Trauma & Injury
~Bridges & Reconnects Synapses~ creating a safe environment.

Subtle bodywork can compliment your essential exploration, for everything is recorded in the cellular memory of the body/mind. Gentle informed touch can offer a powerful way through layers of resistance and armoring that can be supportive rather than traumatizing. Since 1971 Kim has trained in over 30 different energetic, quantum, spiritual and somatic body based systems that continue to influence her practice today.

Kim is a certified member of the Society Ortho-Bionomy in the advanced program. She also completed Kathy Kain’s Touch Trauma Resolution of Injury course based on Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing work and participated in Kathy’s on-going Trauma Resource study group for six years in the S.F. Bay Area.

Her Cranial training came from Hugh Milne, Visionary Cranial, Judith Bradley, Upledger, as well as the cranial classes included in the Ortho-Bionomy and Touch Trauma trainings. In addition she is a Third Degree Reiki Master, receiving attunements from Uma Schaef and Carol Arnoff.  She has also studied with Dr. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics, Dr.Eric Pearl of Reconnective Healing, Dr.Bob Marshall of QRA, Vianna Stible of Theta Healing, Valentina, and more.

While these are some of the modalities that have helped to shape her energy work and bodywork practice, it is wise to remember that the greatest teacher of all is Guidance…the subtle body of our Soul; a living intelligence… the innate Wisdom of our authentic Self… the Beloved… a Matrix birthing potentiality… Love creating life ready to be actualized any moment… the Baraka…Grace… You!

         Olympia, WA