Latiaf Training
Accessing Our Soul Essences

Just as seeds and grains benefit from the soaking process so that the rough husk can soften and fall away allowing us to more fully receive the enzymes and nutrients of these living foods, so we too, as human beings benefit from steeping in the fluid Grace of our essential nature allowing the shell of past conditioning, false beliefs, and misunderstandings to melt away so that we may directly access these nourishing essences of our pure nature; our Soul.

 This training will provide the tools and skills necessary to ground, differentiate, discern and facilitate ways of re-Sourcing our own inner guidance.  Through inquiry and additional practices and exercises we will learn to recognize the subtle and not so subtle ways in which we fall in or out of balance with our pure nature, Source energy.  This energy which is soul is comprised of various emanations and essences appearing as colored lights, latifas, each corresponding to specific attributes, aspects and capacities inherent to our true nature.  These colors are not passive impressions, but are the intrinsic language of the soul to itself.  It is here that we come unfolded and self realized in the presence of truth.  While this teaching has been primarily preserved through but not exclusive to the Sufi tradition, these energies are recognized in many of the mystical practices such as Buddhism, Cabbalism, The Gnostic teachings, etc., and is believed to be at the root of all mystical schools tracing back to a time when all spiritual practices were one. 

The Latiaf Training is the foundation course and is a prerequisite to continue on with the other Terrain of Essence studies, which is available to further aide your personal development and freedom. 

Latiaf Trainings begin each September and continue through June.  The first meeting is an orientation and each successive gathering will explore one of the nine latifas each month.  This consists of a full day’s workshop as well as a follow-up meeting monthly.  Private sessions are also available to deepen your personal discovery.

                  Terrain of Essence Training
                           Actualizing Our Authentic Self

This training directly connects loving truth and deep ecology of the soul; consisting of sequential modules beginning with the Latiaf Training. Once completed, those wishing to continue will have a period to integrate and resource before moving on. In the remaining modules we will explore various aspects and dimensions of heart, mind, instinct, and beyond, bringing our awareness into daily activities as an embodied way of being.

Touching the Terrain
Hands-on Energetic Bodywork Classes

‘Awareness through touch skills’ that can benefit anyone interested in the field of healing. Through this series of classes we will explore some of the expressions of quantum mechanics along with where and how they manifest in our bodies, and ways of approaching that.

This is a series of topics that will intrigue both the beginner as well as the working practitioner.
As with all of the classes, an interview is required prior to entry.

Call 360-866-9234 to set up an appointment, and for the current class schedule.

Practices to Enrich Your Life Series
Cultivating Spiritual Actualization and Embodiment

An on-going series of weekend workshops presented every 3rd month, open to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in the Lataif Training as well as new-comers to this work to gather together and practice the topic of focus presented on that particular weekend. Please go to the Terrain of Essence Face-Book Page or contact Kim for the current schedule. Topics have included: Wholeness, Growth, Passion, Empowerment, Gratitude, Into the Silence, Jewels of Essence, Virtues of Our Soul, the Essential Fairy Tale....

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