Kim freely weaves energetic science and ancient mysticism into a simple and direct way of accessing our intrinsic nature, synthesizing basic principles of somatic reeducation, trauma resolution, quantum mechanics and the essence work. She began her training in the field of energy work, body work, spirituality and spiritual psychology in 1971, exploring many mysteries and facets of healing. It was through her injuries as a dancer that she was compelled to explore various forms of healing. By her mid twenties her professional dance career was over, yet, what felt like a tragedy at the time, in reality gifted her launch into a lifelong momentum of deep discovery and resolution. Little did she realize that her love of movement was not ending but was evolving into a new and more subtle form. From there she began exploring other kinds of movement like Tai Chi Chuan, Qi-gong, Yoga, Meditation and The Universal Peace Dances and Zikers with Samuel Lewis.

While she has studied with fine remarkable teachers and mentors in the way of retreats and trainings such as Cealo, Chagdud Khadro, Vianna Stible, Eric Pearl, Richard Bartlett, and more, her longtime primary and influential teachers have been Hameed Ali [A.H. Almaas] spanning 1981-1991, and Faisal Muqaddam 1979-2002, who together founded the Ridwan School of Enlightenment and the Diamond Approach. In the mid 80's Faisal and Hameed parted ways and Faisal went on to develope the Diamondlogos Teachings while Hameed began the Diamond Heart series.

Kim maintained her studies with Hameed and Faisal both as a student and in their teacher training programs. In 1986 she and Faisal pursued a personal relationship and married in 1990. During the 90’s to 2002 she travelled with him throughout Hawaii and Europe. While he taught the Diamondlogos workshops Kim developed her individual way of working with these clients blending the essence work, bodywork and trauma work.

In 2002 Kim separated from Faisal and the school further opening to the Grace and mystery of guidance. Later in 2002-2004 she co-created and taught Living!Source with friend and mentor Alan Gutman,M.D., a non-dualistic path of freedom, which continues to be an underlying expression in her practice today.

Kim is a certified somatic practitioner, energetic midwife, and weaver of the Terrain of Essence methodology; recognizing and appreciating the profound ways in which each individual’s growth supports the greater whole.